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Box World Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 3 March 2005 by Aw’s family under the name of A&A Homecentre Sdn. Bhd.  On 4 August 2010 the Company changed its name to Box World Sdn Bhd and commenced its business moving towards the mission of leading and innovative Importer and Distributor in FMCG Industry by providing quality products at fair price to ensure customer satisfaction.  We pride ourselves on the ability of focusing and satisfying the customer needs by bringing any products that you can name it from all over the world. We excel in FMCG product and market positioning. 

Under the leading of our CEO, Mr Aw Hun Leong, In 2014, we started to market Imported FMCG products such as Snacks, Confectioneries, Noodles, UHT Milk, Beverages, condiment, sauces and many other products from all over the world. Such as Samyang Ramen, Sajo Haepyo Paste, Young Poong Yopokki, Haitai Snacks, Lotte Confectionery and KCK Seaweed from Korea; Kenko Sesame Dressing, Choya Umeshu, Hachi Wasabi, Kunitaro Matcha, Itsuki Ramen, Higashimaru Ramen, Marumiya Furikake from Japan; Arizona and Herrs from 

US; El Sabor Nacho Chips, Fan Fruit Juice, Gullon Cookies, Mokate Coffee and Loyd Tea from Europe; Oishi Snacks and Kusuka Snacks from Indonesia; Full Moon Sparkling Grape Wine from Thailand; Oishi Snacks and MY San Skyflakes Crackers from Philippines; Nissin Ramen from Hong Kong; Cung Dinh Pho’from Vietnam; So Natural & Ozi Choice UHT Milk, Blue Diamond Almonds Almond Milk from Australia are all under our distributorship. By providing the best services and products to our customers, our customers range has expanded to most of the major and well-known local and nationwide Premium Store, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

Box World Sdn. Bhd. has taken its leading position by offering logistics services to deliver all our products within the stipulated time frame. Within our capital city in East Malaysia, we possess 10 delivery trucks and 4 delivery vans. We also have contact with 4 logistic companies to handle our delivery to the other cities in order to provide the best services to our valued customers. Box World Sdn. Bhd. has grown from 50 employees to 180 employees in the last few years, with the setting up of new branch and sales team in Kota Kinabalu and appointment of Sub-Distributors in Northern, Central and Southern of West Malaysia last two years, we have achieved the unprecedented sales record in year 2020 and we expects to hit more again this year. With that growth, the organization has changed in ways that we did not anticipate.

Box World Sdn. Bhd. operates with enthusiasm and flexibility, we continually strive to improve our services and products for our customers. We uphold this as our primary goal and with persistent devotion towards continuous improvement for a better future. We enjoy the challenge of providing a better service to our customers and of finding opportunities to deliver ever better value.



To establish global footprint by providing innovative & professional service through strategic partnership by 2026.


We want our employees to be able to earn salary 25% more than peer with a personal growth opportunity/mindset, able to enjoy company first-class benefit.

We want our Suppliers to enjoy 5 years partnership with market share increasing every year and for the 4th & 5th year to hit yearly 30% growth.



We sourced from all over the world to provide retailers with a wide range of quality product. We seek for reputable source that are reliable to work hand in hand to expand our business.


Our warehouse and distribution partner, ensure proper care of all our products and deliver delicately our products to all our customers around Malaysia.


We affirm our distribution are available throughout Malaysia market, our channel of distribution involves from transportation, packaging, storage, and delivery, ensure our efficiency can reach all our customer on time.


Our managing team are dedicate to promotion our products in creative displays, our priority to attract consumers to purchase our products so our customer can constantly generate sales effectively.


Our management team are persistent to ensure our corporation operate in smooth and effective manner. We make sure our products are in good condition throughout the distribution from our source to our customer.


We can export Malaysia brand products to any country in the world.